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Sunday, July 31, 2011

Squee Sunday post #5

IT came over the weekend - my WINNING SURPRISE from Kathleen!!!! You have to visit her blog to see the cutest little animals that she makes!!!

I got an adorable 3-D version of the witchyknits4ewe sheep complete with hand felted hat!! Here are two views for you:

Prize witchy sheep

Witchy sheep prize

And, how cute and sweet is this?! Not just a happy dumpling, but a GLUTEN FREE happy dumpling!!! I got the biggest kick out of seeing her label!!! Too cute!! Here he is:

Prize cute dumpling

Prize happy dumpling

Thank you so much Kathleen - this was so much fun!! Seriously, you all need to check out her blog! And speaking of blogs, don't forget to visit Calophi for some more Squee Sunday posts!!


  1. That dumpling is funny. Such cute stuff.

  2. OMG both of those are SO CUTE. I love how she tailored her prizes to be relate to you personally. :)

  3. Yay, I'm so glad everything arrived safely and that you like it! I had way too much fun planning and creating the Witchy Ewe, so thank you for having such a fun logo to turn into a 3-D object. :D I'm thrilled to have brought squee to your Sunday.

  4. How adorable everything is. I love the dumpling especially! Wonderful!

  5. Lovely and so fun; that dumpling is golden :)