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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

WIPW number 11

I have two WIP's for this week. First is the self fringing shawl from last week, and then I am using the same yarn for a hat.

Here is the shawl:

Self fringe shawl

Here is a closer pic of the stitches so you can see how the ribbon yarn twists itself to make an interesting pattern:

Close up self fringe shawl

Here it is about 3/4 of the way done: (It looks more orange-y in this pic for some reason)

Self fringe 3/4 done

Here is a picture of the beginning of the hat done on size US 10 DPN's:


So, that's it for my WIP's. For more, visit Tami's blog!


  1. That yarn is really interesting, how is it to knit with? Love the colours :)

  2. I'm still jealous of your interesting-yarn-finding skills.

  3. Such beautiful ribbon yarn. My LYS has some but I have admit it has never inspired me. But looking at your stunning creations that has changed and while the sale is on I am inclined to go get me some!

  4. Ooh, I love the close-up, what cool yarn! Nice sunrise colours, too, this is going to be a very cool set. :)

  5. The shawl looks great. Do you like working with the ribbon yarn?

  6. The ribbon yarn is really interesting! Is it hard to work with?

  7. The yarn looks so pretty in that close-up.

  8. It's no problem at all. The only somewhat annoying part is when it twists. It's neat looking, but sometimes I'd rather have it all even than the thin/thick look it seems to take.