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Sunday, July 3, 2011

Squee Sunday post #1

My dear friend Calophi, came up with an idea to have a Squee Sunday where you can post all about things that don't quite fit into a Work In Progress Wednesday or a Finished Object Friday. I originally was going to post about my camp animals and have the cutest pics to share! But then, when I was out shopping today, I found a Squee of my own!! Giant carries Gluten Free Wraps!!! I had just asked my cousin if she new of any and there they were - right in the freezer section!!! Here they are:

Gluten Free Wraps

Now, since I know most of you really couldn't care any less about my gluten free wraps, I will move on to all the cute animal pics that I know you really want to see. I have more pics in my FO Friday post from this past week.

Here are a couple of cute pics of the Duckies - Courtney, Grace, Hope and Gizmo. I love the one of them in the trashcan lid pond!!!


Ducks in water

Next up are my bunnies. I could only get a pic of the male - the female was feeling skittish and kept hiding. She is the white one that you can see a bit of behind him. He was eating of course!!


I tried to get a good picture of the sheep's face but they moving and they came out blurry so here is one of them drinking.

Sheepy drinking

That is my Squee for today (and as cute and snuggly as my summer pets are, I am really the most excited about my newly found wraps!!) Visit Calophi for more Squee posts!


  1. OMG is that the giant near me? Because I will totally buy some and make tortilla chips for the salsa I want to bring to your BBQ next week!

  2. Yes!!! The new one at Street & Bustleton that used to be Genaurdi's. They are huge too!!!! I"m so excited!!

  3. Congrats on finding the wraps. I'll have to take a look at my store. I don't have to eat gluten free, but these just sound DELICOUS!

  4. Well, I'm excited about gluten free wraps - I'm supposed to go gluten free as much as I can, and I'm still struggling with that. Oh, how I love food issues...

  5. Going Gluten Free has been the best thing I've ever done for myself. Once you get used to what foods to buy, it's very easy. If you have any questions, feel free to email me!