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Friday, July 1, 2011

FO Friday!

This is a bit of a cheat post - I have no recent finished knitting projects since the Ruby Waves is still taking forever to get done. So, I decided to make my finished object be about the camp I am working in for the summer! My corral is "finished" and has animals and here are some of their pictures:

Here is one of my ponies - his name is Johnny:


Next are my FAMOUS sheep - they were in the Land's End catalog!!! They have names from their real owner but we can't remember what they were so we've been calling them Tra, La and La!! Can you tell them apart??? We can't!!! (one does look lighter in this picture- I guess that would be Tra?)


Here are my silly goats. If you know anything about goats, then you know they are very entertaining and silly!!!


Last pic for now are my new baby ducks! They are quite skittish and we are working very hard to get them used to people so they can be a successful part of the petting zoo when they leave us.


So, they are my FO's as I had a lot of work to set up for all of them to come. For some knitting or crochet related FO's, head on over to Tami's blog for a view!


  1. oh, oh, baby ducks!!!!!

    Can you tell I love baby ducks? They're just so cute, as are all of the animals :)

  2. I think the middle sheep is the darkest one. But I guess he could be more in the shade?

    The ducks are so cute! I just wanna squish 'em!

  3. Those baby ducks are adorable!

  4. These are amazing FO's. :D Johnny the pony is awesome, and those ducklings! So sweet. (And good luck with the getting-them-used-to-people, I hope it's an enjoyable and wonderfully feather-soft process.) It looks like you're going to have a pretty amazing summer!

  5. I love the baby ducks! Do they have names?

  6. We actually did name them!! The yellow one is Courtney, who was my Assistant Counselor for years and we miss her so we named a duck for her!! ;-D The one with the brown head and yellow neck is Grace (one of the kids named Grace named her!), the one with the brown stripe is Gizmo (purely from the Gremlins movie) and the last one is Hope, so named after one of the sheep from last year. Too funny, huh?!

  7. They are fun, but a lot of work! The ducks have escaped three times already and the bunnies twice!! They're really testing me this year!

  8. Awww, sooo cute! The baby ducks are precious, but I love the horse!