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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Jarett's socks

Taaaa Daaaaa!!!!!!

Jarett's socks

Silly Jarett - here's another of him:

Silly Jar's socks

Wednesday, September 8, 2010


Jarett finally decided on a blue-green mix for his socks. I'm using Sockotta #5618. Here is what I have so far:

Jarett's basic toe up socks

I'm doing a very basic toe-up pattern and as you can see, I like to knit both at the same time. The way I do this is to knit a few rows of one, and then a few rows of the next. When I keep track of my rows, I divide a piece of paper down the middle and use my stitch marker to tell which sock I'm working on. For instance, one has a purple marker and the other blue. I will tally rows on the side of the page labeled "blue" and then tally the same number of rows on the side labled "purple." Make sense? This helps to alleviate the dreaded second sock syndrome, which I so easily get!

Monday, September 6, 2010

Fun Family Day

We had a wonderful day yesterday! Two of my dad's sisters came with their kids and grand kids. I haven't seen my cousins in years. It was so nice to catch up! We had a lot of fun reminiscing about when we were little and slept over each other's houses. I remember doing Denise and Gina's hair for hours! They remember my crazy long nails with designs on each. Before kids, (I had already quit playing the violin) I had 1 inch long nails and would spend hours painting and drawing different designs on each. I loved it so much that while I was college, I got my nail tech license and worked in a shop part time... that was so long ago... Now, I have short nails (for when I still fiddle with my fiddle) and rarely even polish them. I'd much rather knit than wait for polish to dry and since I have a license, I hate to pay someone else to do them!

Anyway, Denise's kids are absolutely adorable. Her daughter Maya is so mature (at 8 yrs old) and has no fear what-so-ever! Lilly (4 yrs old) was shy and took a while to warm up, but sure enough when I brought out my turtles to show her, she became my best friend! Dylan (6 yrs old) followed Jarett around and looked up to him just like little cousins should - how cute!! The swam, went on the trampoline and even took Bandit for a walk around the block. Alexa (Jimmy's daughter - 1 yr old) was the happiest baby I've ever seen. She never cried and just giggled the whole day! Gamble (Jason's daughter - 6 yrs old) was as mature as Maya and jumped right in to be with the "big guys!" It was so nice to see their kids playing with mine. Now I understand how my Aunts have felt seeing my brother and me with their kids...

We've made a resolution to try to keep in touch more and get together. Gina and I exchanged phone numbers and I know we'll text and keep in touch. I can't believe she's an adult now - she was "the baby!" She's in school to do hair and I know she'll be fabulous. She's very artistic and you can see she loves design. I'm very proud of them all!!

Friday, September 3, 2010

Busy School Days...

It's Back to School time!!! I've been busy with school work and setting up my classroom that there hasn't been much knitting going on this week. I did see that Blue Moon Fiber is having a sale, so I may snag some sock yarn (shhhhh, it's a secret - I'm supposed to be de-stashing!).

Jarett asked me to make him more socks. He's out-growing the others! I think Matt thinks he's too big for me to make him socks. :-( Off to pick out sock yarn for Jarett!!