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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

WIPW number 7

So here it is a week later, and you can't even tell that I've done a few more pattern repeats on the Morning Surf Scarf which I've renamed Ruby Waves. I loved all the comments last week about the pretty yarn!! For those of you who missed it, here is a pic of the yarn - it's Tili Thomas and is sooooo pretty!!!

Tili yarn

A few people asked me how it was to work with. It's really not a problem at all. The sequins are on a separate thread that run along with the yarn. Every once in a while, I'll come across a section that came unwound and have to make sure I have both loops in my next stitch. Other than that, you really don't notice the sequins as you knit - they don't get bulky or interfere at all. So, here is a creative shot of it hanging off my arm. My friend Trudy, who has become my unofficial photographer when she comes to Tuesday Knit Night, took this one!! I asked her to not get my face since I didn't blow dry hair!!! You can see another person's feet too which we thought was kinda funny!

2011-06-28 20.35.18.jpg

So, that is my Work in Progress post - for more, see Tami's blog!

Monday, June 27, 2011

"H" is for ... Hairpin Lace!

Hairpin Lace is something that I've only recently tried. I've seen it done on TV shows such as Knitty Gritty and Knit & Crochet Now (although at the time I think it was called Knit & Crochet Today). The talented Jennifer Hansen runs a site called Stitch Diva Studios where she teaches you how to do this different process. From what I've gathered, Hairpin Lace is so named because ladies would take out their hairpins and crochet strips of fabric with them. Essentially, that is what Hairpin Lace is, crocheting strips of fabric with a nifty loom and then connecting your strips. Here is the Hairpin Lace loom that I used - I bought it at AC Moore:

Hairpin lace loom

You use a crochet hook along with it. You start out by placing the rods from the loom to the desired width. Before you insert the final one, attach a loose slip knot to it. You then go through a process of wrapping and turning while inserting the crochet hook to create your strip. Stitch Diva Studios has a great tutorial here. Here is mine so far:

Hairpin lace

Here is a closer look at the strip:

Hairpin lace close up

You can use any yarn, but I thought a ribbon yarn would look especially pretty. Funny thing, I wasn't planning a hairpin lace project but thought it would be a cool thing for the letter "H." I am not sure what I am doing with it yet - if I do something with it, I'll probably just make a couple of strips and connect them to make either a shawl or scarf, depending on if I have enough yarn!

The other thing I thought of with the letter "H" was hair, but since I didn't have a whole lot to say on the matter, I thought I would just leave you with a picture of what I think is the coolest thing ever - feathers in your hair!!! Yes, there I was was, waiting my turn to get my hair done and they had feathers that you can put in your hair! Here is mine:


They attach it to your hair with a crimp bead and it stays in as long as you want so long as you are gentle with the brushing! I've washed my hair three times since I've gotten it and it doesn't do anything to it. I plan to keep it for the summer since I'm working at camp at it's FUN!!! For more of ABC week, visit Charlotte!

Friday, June 24, 2011

FO Friday!

I have a repeat FO post- remember the Diamond Tails Shawl? It's off the wires and dry! Here it is:

Diamond Tails Scarf

I'm not sure if this is how I'll wear it because it is weirdly shaped... here is a pic with the diamond tail in the back:

Back of diamond tail

Hope you enjoyed it even though it's a repeat! For more FO's' visit Tami!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

WIPW number 6

I finally went back and counted so I know what post I'm on!! I dragged out a UFO and decided to start working on it again. I don't know when I started it - last year maybe? I got very bored with the pattern and let it go... I actually forgot about it until someone in my knitting group was talking about Tili Thomas yarn and then asked what I ever did with my sequined red yarn. So, I found it and rescued it from what I guess was "time out," and began working on it again. The pic I have is one full skein finished and ready to start the second.

One skein morning surf

Here is a close up of the pattern (it's on my Rav page here):

Morning surf close up

Here is the pretty yarn:

Tili yarn

For some odd reason, this one came out sideways...


For more WIPW, visit Tami's blog!

Monday, June 20, 2011

G is for... Gluten Free!

This week, I thought I'd share my trials and tribulations of being Gluten Free. I've had stomach issues most of my life - it's my weak spot. I was diagnosed with IBS in college and then later on with Gastritis. I was on six different medications including blood pressure meds!! I felt horrible - tired, run down and just miserable. I didn't want to live my life like this and hated what being admitted into the hospital did to my family. I sought the help of a Holistic Nutritionist who diagnosed my gluten intolerance and set my diet straight. Within 3 months I was off of EVERY MEDICATION!!! Yes, even the blood pressure one!!! I went to my GP with all of this and had a blood test done for Celiac. It came out inconclusive which means I may or may not have it. However, my dad's first cousin has it and since I've been 100% gluten free and have no more symptoms, we think I do too. To be sure, I could go back on gluten and have a biopsy done, but I refuse to submit my body to that. So, whether I truly have Celiac or just a severe gluten intolerance, I don't care - the solution is the same - a gluten free life style. Now, some of you know that my younger son has Asperger's Syndrome. I began reading more about gluten free diets and kids on the Autism Spectrum and decided to give it a try. Guess what, not only is HE now off his meds, but bonus - his psoriasis has cleared up too!!! His teacher said his behavior is much better and so is his focus! The pediatrician is amazed too!

So, some people still want to know what do we eat?? I took a bunch of pictures of food I have that you can buy in a regular grocery store or a health food store. I don't go out of my way to shop - the local Acme and Giant have tons of gluten free foods. So, aside from the naturally gluten free foods such as fruits and veggies, here is what we eat:

Lazagna, anyone? Most cheeses are gluten free (except blue cheese which is molded on bread).

Lazagna noodles

What sauce do we use? Here it is:

Spaghetti sauce

The back label says it's gluten free:

Spaghetti ingredients

I love soup and Progresso has helped my out - here's my favorite:

Clam chowder

I even will put some chips on the side or make a salsa to eat them with:


Sometimes, I need a quick snack and yogurt fits the bill. I not a fan of peach but Jarett likes it. My fave is strawberry!


If I need some "filler," I add in some granola:


This also makes a good quick breakfast! We also enjoy ready made waffles:


Or, we make our own or turn them into pancakes:


Sometimes, you just gotta have a bagel:


Sandwiches are now easy too. I had the hardest time finding a bread I liked and almost bought a bread-maker. Then, my cousin turned me on to this:


We like our pizza too. The best thing about the ready made crusts is we can customize our pies. Sometimes we do "white" with olive oil, garlic and mozzarella. Other times we'll do a tomato pie with just sauce and lots of veggies. Here is what we buy and love:


I wasn't sure if you could see the brand, so I took a closer pic:

Pizza brand

The other thing that Jarett loves is his Mac & Cheese. No problems there either!!!

Mac & cheese

Or the ever famous dinner - chicken nuggets and french fries!!

Chicken nuggets


As far as snacks, there are plenty to choose from and I didn't take pics of all of them. Here are the ones Jarett likes the most. The name on the pics say it all:

Marshmellow treats




We also like to make Smores. Now, I'm gonna be honest, these don't taste all that great, but with the marshmallow and chocolate, it isn't bad.

Smores crackers

I found out this year that Passover is not so horrible anymore either!!! See my post here for Gluten Free Matzah and a fried Matzah recipe!

So, as you see, living Gluten Free has become very easy to do. I feel great, my son feels great and we are no longer slaves to medication and Doctor visits!! If you are looking to go Gluten Free as well, please feel free to email me any questions you may have. It will take some adjusting and getting used to, but I've been doing it now for almost three years with success. For more of ABC week, visit Charlotte!

Friday, June 17, 2011

FO Friday!

The Diamond Tail Scarf is finished!! Finito!!! Done!!! Unfortunately, it is still wet so I can't put it on but here it is blocking:

Diamond Tails Scarf blocked

Here is a closer up pic (does that make sense???):

Diamond tails scarf close up

I can't wait to try it on, but since it's blocking in my basement it may take a couple more days to dry completely. I was very surprised with how much the yarn bled though. It was dyeing my skin a bit as I knit it, but when rinsing it to block, I had to literally soak it four times. Even then, the water was still tinged with purple. I lost my patience and blocked it anyway. Hopefully, I won't get wet while wearing it and turn my skin lovely shades of purpley blue! To see more FO's tune in to Tami's blog!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011


Here are some more pics of the Diamond Tail Scarf. It's coming along nicely and I am hoping to have it done for Friday's post! Here is the whole thing so far - it will be only about another inch wider when done.

Diamond tails-whole thing

Here is a closer look at the lace pattern and colorway:

Color of diamond tails

Wish me luck that I get it done and blocked for Friday!! For more WIPW posts, visit Tami's blog!

Monday, June 13, 2011

"F" is for...Family & Friends!

This week's ABC post is being hosted by pinkundine - visit her blog for other ABC posts!

Last week, I posted about visiting our family in Massachusetts under my E is for Entertainment post. It is so nice to be able to just pick up from where you left off even though you haven't seen each other in almost a year. The kids do the same thing. There is no "I'm shy and need to get to know you" time - they just jump right in and start hanging out. Of course, technology today helps with that. They text each other and also can video chat on their Ipod Touches...

My brother lives halfway across the country and I haven't seen him in over two years. He (well, actually his wife) just had their fifth child. We have always been close and keep in touch through text, email and now video chatting. His oldest daughter will even Google chat with me! Here they are - all five kids, my beautiful nieces and nephews:

Howard's kids

Here's a closer up one:

Howard's five

It's amazing how quickly they grow!! This weekend, we had a bit of a whorl wind spending time with friends. Friday night we had dinner with a friend of mine from work and her husband and kids. The kids all swam and jumped on the trampoline. A fun time was had by all!! Saturday night we went out with some friends from karate. Pizzeria Uno and bowling - what could be better right? Next up, brunch with friends visiting from out of town. It's been a bit hectic and crazy coordinating everything but I don't mind - it's all worth it. Time with family and good friends are the best times of your life.

Friday, June 10, 2011

Finished Object Friday

I'm still working on the Diamond Tails Shawl/Scarf due to the whole tinking back thing, but I did get a request from a parent of one my students for my Fade into Black Scarf. You can get the pattern on the right hand side of my blog under the Free Pattern Page. I forgot that I had ordered personalized name tags for my knitting and came across them last night, so I put it on the scarf. Here it is:

Knitting tag

Yes, I did cover my last name on purpose, although I'm sure anyone can find it if they really wanted to.... anyway, here are a couple of more pics of the scarf:

Fade to black scarf

Black-gray rib scarf

I hope to have the Diamond Tails off the needles for next week's post! Until then, visit Tami for more FOFriday posts!