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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Squee Sunday post # 3 of 2012

OMG!!  My baby is 17!!!  What a weekend!  Matt's girlfriend arranged a surprise party for him last night at our house.  We did the "normal" family dinner at Outback and then came back to the house to open his presents from his grandparents.  

Matt 17

Of course we had to have the waitress sing to him - unfortunately, Jarett took these pics for me with his Ipod since my phone doesn't have a flash, and Matt's drink was in front of the dessert... you can see the candle though and him blowing it out.

Uploaded from the Photobucket iPhone App

Uploaded from the Photobucket iPhone App

Uploaded from the Photobucket iPhone App

Then Haley quickly got him out of the house under the pretense of going to the mall to look for a dress for the prom.  As soon as they left, the cavalry of friends arrived to help me decorate the house.  We did an ice cream bar which was a throw back to one of Matt's favorite birthday parties as a little kid.  

We got him good - he had no idea and was totally surprised!  It was awesome!!! 

They definitely had a great time and Matt will always remember his 17th!  For more squees, visit Calophi's blog and enjoy the rest of your weekend!

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Squee Sunday post # 2 of 2012

Yay - my father-in-law is home from the hospital and doing well!  While he was there, we had watched their 7 week old Golden Retriever puppy.  Her name is Sugar and she is gorgeous, but I am allergic to her.  So, while she was super cute and funny to watch, the rest of the family had more fun than I did...  between sneezes and a running nose, I did snap a couple of pics with her and Jarett to show you.  I dare anyone to not fall in love!!

Sugar & Jarett

She is a moose though!


I am glad she is back home... 

I did get to spend yesterday's snowy day working on report cards...  yay?  Blech!  But at least they are just about done!  For more squees and maybe even some yarn related ones (?) hop on over to Calophi's blog.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

WIPW 2012 #3

Welcome to another installment of Tami's Work In Progress Wednesday!  I only have one project to share this week as I haven't had a lot of knitting time...  I am making another drop stitch shawl/scarf.  I am using this really different yarn from Plymouth called Frou Frou.  It has little tabs of yarn coming out of it, all in the same beige color.  Here it is about 1/2 way through the first ball:

2012-01-17 17.06.55.jpg

That's it for this week... what are you working on?

Friday, January 13, 2012

FO Friday!

Happy Friday everyone!!!  I have three FO's to share with you today.  I finished my Fade to Black Scarf from my free pattern page.  I used all of the same yarn in the pattern except this time I used leftover Black Homespun instead of a worsted weight black.

Fade to black scarf

I also finished the charity Special Olympics scarf I was doing and am proud to say that Langhorne Knitters  have 5 finished scarves to send off and a few more on the way!!!

Charity scarf special olympics

My last project is my "last minute" mitts.  I wanted something just to either keep in the car for when the steering wheel is cold or to throw in my pockets - not for wearing as fancy and nice...  these take a couple hours and are super easy.  CO 36 sts, k2p2 rib to about 7 inches and BO.  Seam up the sides and leave a thumb opening.  Easy peasy!

My mitts

So there you have it!  Enjoy your weekend and visit Tami for some more FO's!

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

WIPW 2012 #2

Happy Wednesday everyone!!  I have two projects to share this week.  One is my Fade to Black Scarf from my free pattern page.  I literally sold my other one off my neck to a parent at school!!  So, I made myself another.  Here is the beginnings of it.  I am using all of the same yarns as in the pattern except for the black - that I'm using the leftover Homespun from Haley's scarf.

Fade to gray scarf - new one

 I also decided to make myself a pair of black fingerless mitts.  I'm just doing a very simple k2,p2 rib and then will seam them up the side.  I casted on 36 sts and will go for about 7-8 inches... not sure yet how long I want them... I'm using Naturally Caron yarn - it's very soft.

My mitts

So those are my two WIP's for this week!  For more, visit Tami on her blog!

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Squee Sunday post # 1 of 2012

Happy Sunday - I am excited as I found a ton of Doctor Who toys to use as centerpieces for Jarett's Bar Mitzvah!!!  I ordered from Amazon and they've been coming in one box at a time.  My mom found clear plastic containers for me to put them in and we know how we're going to do it now - yay!!  I"m not going to post pics until they are all ready, but had to share the news that we found something!!

I'm still squeeing about Matt's picture on my FO Friday post.  He is such a diva!!!  Haha!

My last squee is for Jarett - House of Anubis is back on (nickelodeon) and we watched the first "pre-episode" last night.  It's a cute pre-teen show.  It's about a group of high school students in England with an American student who live in a house dorm that has secrets.  Last season, they solved the puzzle of the "chosen one" and rescued Joy from being kidnapped, solved all the clues and found the magic cup of life.  This season is a whole new puzzle of clues that will unfold with each episode.  What can I say, it's cute and doesn't require much thinking while watching it... 

So, those are my Squees.  Share yours and find more on Calophi's blog.

Friday, January 6, 2012

FO Friday!

Happy Friday everyone!!  I have all of the scarves from Wednesday's post to share with you.  If you remember, my son's girlfriend's family all wanted scarves after I had made her one for the holidays, so I spent the whole week knitting and watching Harry Potter on DVD.   I have to start though with the scarf that I made for her mom.  I sent it over and forgot to take a picture of it.  So, I texted Matt to take a picture and send it to me.  This is what my smart-a$$ son sent to me.  To serve him right, I am posting it!! ;-D

Fwd: no subject

Not that you can really see the scarf that well, but I thought it was really funny and had to share!!!  This is the WIP pic, but you can see the pattern and the yarn much better here:

Patti's scarf

Here is the scarf  I did for her sister - nice and fuzzy pink!

Olivia's scarf

Here is her dad's scarf, with Matt posing again, but this time you can see the scarf!

Haley's dad's scarf

I did finish the Special Olympics scarf but will save that for next week.  For more FO's, visit Tami and enjoy your weekend!!!

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

WIPW 2012 #1

Happy New Year and welcome to my first WIPW post (and first post) of 2012!!  I spent the entire winter break knitting - seriously - it was awesome!!  I had made Matt's girlfriend a scarf and got requests from her best friend, sister, mother and father!!  So, while watching the entire Harry Potter DVD set (which Jarett got for Chanukah) I knitted away.  I posted a couple of them last Friday, but here are the ones you did not see yet:

This is her sister's scarf - I casted on about 160 sts on size US 11 circs.  It's all in garter and I'm alternating soft pink yarn from Caron soft to eyelash of different brands.  It's hard to tell, but I also have a white eyelash in there too.  As you can see, the effect is a very whispy pale pink look.
Olivia's scarf

This is for her mom.  It's Plymouth (of course!!) and knit on size US 17 straights.  I casted on 11 and did a repeat of K1, *YO, K2together on every row.

Patti's scarf

This one is for her dad.  It's a green Homespun (hard to see the color in the pick) and again on the US 11 circs.  I had intended to cast on 200 sts but mis-measured and did 190.  It actually came out long enough so the 190 was fine. 

Haley's dad's scarf- co 200

Last is a scarf I am doing in crochet for the Special Olympics charity.

Special olympics scarf

I have a few more projects I started but I'll save them for next week!  In the meantime, you can see more WIP's over at Tami's blog!