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Friday, January 13, 2012

FO Friday!

Happy Friday everyone!!!  I have three FO's to share with you today.  I finished my Fade to Black Scarf from my free pattern page.  I used all of the same yarn in the pattern except this time I used leftover Black Homespun instead of a worsted weight black.

Fade to black scarf

I also finished the charity Special Olympics scarf I was doing and am proud to say that Langhorne Knitters  have 5 finished scarves to send off and a few more on the way!!!

Charity scarf special olympics

My last project is my "last minute" mitts.  I wanted something just to either keep in the car for when the steering wheel is cold or to throw in my pockets - not for wearing as fancy and nice...  these take a couple hours and are super easy.  CO 36 sts, k2p2 rib to about 7 inches and BO.  Seam up the sides and leave a thumb opening.  Easy peasy!

My mitts

So there you have it!  Enjoy your weekend and visit Tami for some more FO's!


  1. Both scarves look great :) I like the simplicity of the fingerless mitts too, perfect for in the car!

  2. You've got beautiful fingers :) Nice FOs too :)

  3. I really love the fade to black scarf. I'll have to eventually do that one. :) And the mitts of course!

    Your scarf came out great. I'm glad you're digging crochet more than you used to.

  4. I love that fade to black scarf, it looks great! Congrats too on finishing some special olympics scarves to send in!

  5. Your scarves look great! I love the mitts. They sound so easy too.

  6. Oh I can make those fingerless mitts - thanks for sharing - wonder how long it would take me to make them? Last year I made 25 scarves for the Special Olympics - this year I'm not participating as I burned out on crocheting scarves but am working granny squares and 7x9 squares for warm up America.

  7. The special olympics scraf is cute and I love the fade to black one. Good job!

  8. I wish I were wearing that Fade to Black scarf right this second---it looks so, so warm and snuggly, and the colours/pattern are just beautiful. Awesome designing (and making!) on your part.

    I <3 the Special Olympics scarf, too, I should see about making one myself...

  9. Thanks! It's a fun easy pattern. Yes, make a scarf for the SO - it's such a nice thing to do!

  10. Wow - 25 scarves?! I'm impressed!! The mitts only take a couple of hours or so. Very easy!