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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

WIPW 2012 #1

Happy New Year and welcome to my first WIPW post (and first post) of 2012!!  I spent the entire winter break knitting - seriously - it was awesome!!  I had made Matt's girlfriend a scarf and got requests from her best friend, sister, mother and father!!  So, while watching the entire Harry Potter DVD set (which Jarett got for Chanukah) I knitted away.  I posted a couple of them last Friday, but here are the ones you did not see yet:

This is her sister's scarf - I casted on about 160 sts on size US 11 circs.  It's all in garter and I'm alternating soft pink yarn from Caron soft to eyelash of different brands.  It's hard to tell, but I also have a white eyelash in there too.  As you can see, the effect is a very whispy pale pink look.
Olivia's scarf

This is for her mom.  It's Plymouth (of course!!) and knit on size US 17 straights.  I casted on 11 and did a repeat of K1, *YO, K2together on every row.

Patti's scarf

This one is for her dad.  It's a green Homespun (hard to see the color in the pick) and again on the US 11 circs.  I had intended to cast on 200 sts but mis-measured and did 190.  It actually came out long enough so the 190 was fine. 

Haley's dad's scarf- co 200

Last is a scarf I am doing in crochet for the Special Olympics charity.

Special olympics scarf

I have a few more projects I started but I'll save them for next week!  In the meantime, you can see more WIP's over at Tami's blog!


  1. It looks like you had an incredibly productive break! They all look lovely, but I think my favourite is the crochet scarf. Those colours work incredibly well together.

  2. I like the effect you're getting mixing in that eyelash, it's so pretty. Was a warm scarf week for you, huh? :)

  3. Everything looks great! I especially like the whispy pink, which is saying a lot since you know I don't like pink.

  4. The wispy pink is so pretty :) Love the stitch on the crochet scarf too, it looks really good

  5. Very pretty the way the Caron soft is knitting up with the eyelash yarns! Careful or you're going to be knitting scarves for EVERYONE! At least it's nice that they're appreciated, right?

  6. Very productive break, I wish time had been that good! And I love the pink scarf, its gorgeous