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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

WIPW 2012 #2

Happy Wednesday everyone!!  I have two projects to share this week.  One is my Fade to Black Scarf from my free pattern page.  I literally sold my other one off my neck to a parent at school!!  So, I made myself another.  Here is the beginnings of it.  I am using all of the same yarns as in the pattern except for the black - that I'm using the leftover Homespun from Haley's scarf.

Fade to gray scarf - new one

 I also decided to make myself a pair of black fingerless mitts.  I'm just doing a very simple k2,p2 rib and then will seam them up the side.  I casted on 36 sts and will go for about 7-8 inches... not sure yet how long I want them... I'm using Naturally Caron yarn - it's very soft.

My mitts

So those are my two WIP's for this week!  For more, visit Tami on her blog!


  1. Love how the scarf is looking, and how funny that you sold the other one off your neck ;)

  2. Your flat-knitting is sort of making me want to try knitting a pair of mitts that way. I'm just worried the seam will come out looking ugly. Maybe if I slip a stitch on each side it won't look so bad. Or I could just make it obvious and crochet up the side. XD