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Sunday, January 8, 2012

Squee Sunday post # 1 of 2012

Happy Sunday - I am excited as I found a ton of Doctor Who toys to use as centerpieces for Jarett's Bar Mitzvah!!!  I ordered from Amazon and they've been coming in one box at a time.  My mom found clear plastic containers for me to put them in and we know how we're going to do it now - yay!!  I"m not going to post pics until they are all ready, but had to share the news that we found something!!

I'm still squeeing about Matt's picture on my FO Friday post.  He is such a diva!!!  Haha!

My last squee is for Jarett - House of Anubis is back on (nickelodeon) and we watched the first "pre-episode" last night.  It's a cute pre-teen show.  It's about a group of high school students in England with an American student who live in a house dorm that has secrets.  Last season, they solved the puzzle of the "chosen one" and rescued Joy from being kidnapped, solved all the clues and found the magic cup of life.  This season is a whole new puzzle of clues that will unfold with each episode.  What can I say, it's cute and doesn't require much thinking while watching it... 

So, those are my Squees.  Share yours and find more on Calophi's blog.


  1. "Cute and doesn't require much thinking while watching" are amazing qualities for a TV show to have, I think---especially if there's crafting-while-watching to be done! ;)

    Also, I can't wait to see the centerpieces all finished up. When's the Bar Mitzvah?

  2. A doctor who themed bar mitzvah sounds amazing! Lucky boy!

  3. I was actually thinking of checking out House of Anubis sometime. It seems interesting.

    I wish you had taken a picture of the centerpieces!

  4. It's in March! Can't wait - he's so excited too!

  5. Ha - you'll get to see them! The boxes are on the dining room table!! ;-D