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Monday, July 18, 2011

K is for... Karate & Knitting!!

Karate or Knitting... I couldn't decide which one I should write about so I'm doing both!! My family has been involved in karate for 9 years now!! We are a Black Belt Family as well. My sons are both on our karate school's demo team and my husband and I coach the Jr and Sr Demo teams. My older son has been a part of team Straight Up which is an international team and is ranked 9th in the United States. Here are you tube videos of our teams, both of which won first place in the Tournament!! I couldn't figure out how to embed them so here is the link for Junior Demo. Here is Senior Demo. Those of you who know my kids will recognize them, but Jarett is on Junior Demo (he actually just moved up to the Sr Team but is still on Jr in this video) and is kind of in the middle, but he's the one doing the back handspring towards the middle of the video. Matt is in the center of the three boys on the Sr Team video and does tons of flips and all of the weapons. Can you tell how proud I am??

On to knitting now! My blog, witchyknits4ewe is now officially an LLC!!! It is now witchyknits4ewe, LLC. Mary, who is listed as a contributor but has been more of a silent partner, and I have been working away to make this into a real business and write a book. We have lots of patterns and are very excited about all of this. I would love to be able to retire from my day job and do nothing but knitting related things.... ahhhh, such would be the life, right?! So, for some samples of my designs feel free to browse the free pattern page and let me know what you do or do not like so that our book will meet all of your needs. Mind you, the patterns listed are fairly easy and some of what will be in the book will be more advanced, but we are trying to have something for everyone. With that, I have to put in a plug that I am being interviewed by our very own Charlotte who started this whole ABC meme to begin with!!! The interview will take place on her blog on Thursday, July 21st!! I hope you all tune in to read it!!

So, that's my ABC post for this week! I hope you enjoyed it and for more ABC posts, visit Charlotte!!


  1. Good luck with the book, sounds very exciting! I'd love to have a job based entirely around knitting/yarn too ;)

  2. Very good luck to you. How exciting. I had a look at the free patterns link and very much like the baby poncho. Bigger pictures, please. Would love to see more.