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Monday, July 11, 2011

J is for.... Jarett!!

For this week's ABC post, how could I not use the letter "J" for my photographic, attention loving son, JARETT!!!! So, this week's posts are all going to be pics of my Jar. Enjoy!!

Little Kool J-Man (who has since given this hat away because he's "too big" for Pokemon)

Lil Kool Jarett

Jarett & Bandit

Jar & Bandit

Jarett with his first pair of hand made gloves:

Gloves for Jarett

The Igloo he and his dad built during the snow storm of 2010!

Igloo 2010

Singing in the School Choir for "Go West!"

Jar in Go West

Reading a part during the Hebrew School Shabbat Dinner.

Jarett's piano recital.

School trip to Washington DC:

Jarett in front of Lincoln Memorial

Spooky Halloween!!!

Jar's spooky!

King Jarett!!

Jarett the king!

Silly Sock Picture:

Silly Jar's socks

Jarett's Mario Star:

Jarett & Star

Another with Bandit!

Jar & Bandit 2

Posing with his brother in matching hats!!!

Matching hats!

Happy Birthday in March!

Happy B-day!

Purim Carnival dressed as Mordechai:

2011 Purim carnival

Time Capsule Ceremony at school:

Jarett's sealing ceremony time capsule

Hair in multiple "ponies" for Locks of Love Donation:

Preparing for cutting

My "new" handsome boy!!

Handsome boy who did a mitzvah!

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  1. What a CUTIE-PATOOTIE!!! Great post!

  2. Such a sweet boy you have - treasure him always.

  3. Good post, the pics were very engaging.

  4. Thank you and I most definitely will!! He is very special. :-D

  5. Wow! What a great thing Jar did for Locks of Love.

  6. He made such a cute Mordechai!!! I love the picture of him with Bandit. I quite liked his long hair...but it went to a great cause.

  7. Wow that's a big igloo! Love the sock picture too. He looks (and sounds) like a really lovely kid :)

  8. Thank you!! We have a cousin who's son had Leukemia and lost his hair. Jarett wanted to do something helpful and we decided on Locks of Love.

  9. They had a lot of fun building it!! He is great, thanks!

  10. Wow! That is a wonderful thing. You'e got a great kid, mom!

  11. What a lovely chap, love the picture with him holding Bandit.
    And those socks - did you knit those?