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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

WIPW number 8

Welcome to another addition of Work In Progress Wednesday! Alas, the poor Ruby Waves is back in time out, to no fault of it's own - I've been asked to do a Craft Show in November!!!! I am very excited about this and am now busy getting as many quick projects ready to sell as I can. So, if you are in need of some quick gifts, have lots of scrap yarn and novelty yarn, these scarves can be made up in about 4-5 hrs depending on your speed and ability to focus! ;-D

Using size US 15 circs, cast on 200 stitches with any yarn of your choosing and knit one row. Cut the yarn leaving a good size tail for your fringe (your tails will become your fringe). Join another strand or two of yarn (again leaving a tail for fringe) and knit another row, cut leaving the tail for fringe and either knit another row with that yarn or change it, whatever you want. Keep going until it's the width you want and bind off. A little hint, as you go along knot a couple of strand of your tails together so it doesn't get loose and come undone. If your tail seems skimpy when you're done, just cut some more fringe and loop it on the regular way. Here are some picks of mine:

Blue scarf

Blue scarf

In case anyone was wondering, the yarn with all the tags and lashes is this:

Novelty yarn

I started another one too - same novelty yarn but a darker blue (the plain yarn was leftover Caron I had from Jarett's blanket. Here it is:

Another scarf

On another note, Jarett had some Works in Progress of his own - S'mores night! Using the Gluten Free Graham crackers, marshmellows and chocolate, he had a ball!

S'mores ingredients

Jarett toasting marshmellow

For some more WIP Wednesdays, tune in to Tami's blog!


  1. Yum, to the s'mores.. =)

    And LOVE that yarn!!

  2. That yarn looks amazing, but I bet it is strange to knit!

  3. Great yarn! Thise scarves are going to look stunning!

  4. Looks awesome!

    My problem with participating in craft shows is that I don't have any yarn I want to part with that isn't crappy plain red-heart type yarn. :)

  5. Mmm, smores please! Have fun and good luck at the craft show! I have yet to sell any of my knits but then again, I've never advertised to!

  6. WOW, those are big needles! How fun!

    My husband is gluten free as well, and LOVES those graham crackers, but have trouble finding them!

  7. Ooh, good luck with getting ready for the craft fair. That's exciting! Also, that is awesome that you are able to make gluten free s'mores! I'll have to tell my friend who is not eating gluten about that!