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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

WIPW number 10

I have a lot of Works in Progress to share today!!! First of all, I did finish the corkscrew shawl from last week but not in time for FO Friday, so here is another peak at it and I'll show you the finished one project on Friday.

Corkscrew scarf

Next, I started a Self Fringing shawl which is a design by Lisa Triebwasser from Knit One Crochet Too featured here. This will be another for the Craft Show.

Self fringing shawl

Here is a close up of the yarn - it's from Plymouth:

Self fringing shawl yarn

Next , is a pic a friendship bracelet that I am making for Marie. However, there is a story behind it. A bunch of us from camp all decided that we need to really stick to eating healthier and get exercising so we are forming our own "Healthy Support Group!" We are making each other friendship bracelets to help be physical reminders to lead us out of temptation when we are faced with snacks or other unhealthy choices. Also, we are walking a very hilly mile and a half every afternoon. Because of this week's heat wave, we are encouraging each other to work out at home. I have been doing 11 minutes on the rebounder in the morning and am trying to do another 11 in the evenings!! Here is one of bracelets:

Marie's friendship health bracelet

Last of all, I wanted to share that I am being interviewed tomorrow by Charlotte on her blog so please check in to see how it was!

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  1. Looking forward to seeing the scarf on friday! Great colour! Your shawl is looking really good too, the yarn looks lovely, how is it to work with?

  2. The yarn for your shawl looks really intriguing - interested to see how that progresses :) Love the friendship bracelet, especially as it has a little bit of a story behind it

  3. You always have such interesting yarn. I guess I have to go to a yarn store and poke in the clearance bin and see what I can find for a scarf or two. :)

  4. Your scarves look amazing, and the friendship bracelet is an awesome idea! Keep up the good work and hard choice of a healthy lifestyle. It pays off way more than you know.

  5. What an interesting yarn! I love corkscrew scarfs, I can't wait to see the finished one on Friday.

  6. I hope that friendship bracelet work for you; the colours sure are pretty. Sometimes a tangible reminder close at hand is all you need to visualize a better, fitter you and resist temptation.

    Maybe I'd better make one for myself!

  7. Excited to see the scarf on Friday! The shawl is gorgeous. I would never have guessed what the yarn looked like in the ball. The friendship bracelet take me back to being a kid! So awesome.

    I have to ask, I'm on my phone going through a few WIPWs. I noticed you have a mobile version of your site! How did you do that on blogspot??

  8. The friendship bracelets are a great idea. That corkscrew scarf is a gorgeous color!

  9. Ohh I love friendship bracelets - must make one now!

  10. Once the Tour de Fleece is over I promise myself that I will get more knitting and weaving done. Argh! Not enough hours in the day. Your knitting looks great!

  11. ItmightbeametaphorJuly 20, 2011 at 11:22 PM

    The ribbon yarn looks like fun!

    Good luck with your health plans, it always helps to have a support group.

  12. Very easy - it's a ribbon but it's pretty thin so it isn't tangly or anything (if that's a word! haha!)

  13. I have a ribbon yarn similar to that. The self-fringing shawl looks like fun. I just have to think of who I would make it for!

  14. Sarah - Crafts From The CwtchJuly 21, 2011 at 12:15 PM

    Cute WIPs - I love the colour of the corkscrew - looking forward to seeing it on Friday!

  15. I love both of those shawls---the corkscrew design is so much fun, and that Cielo yarn is beautiful, and it looks like it would be interesting to work with.