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Friday, July 8, 2011

FO Friday!

It's Friday again and I have just a "quickie" post to put up. As I posted on Wednesday, I am doing a Craft Show in November and am kicking out a bunch of scarves. Here is one all done:

Scarf to sell

As I said, quickie post as I need to get to camp and my computer isn't working right and keeps going off network on me.... for more FOFriday posts, see Tami!


  1. Cool scarf, I like what you've done with the yarns :)

  2. Is your scarf a skinny mohair? Trying to see the yarn. Good luck with your quest to get a mound of them done for the show.

  3. NIce texture. I look forward to hearing about the craft show.

  4. No - it's all novelty yarn from Plymouth.