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Sunday, July 24, 2011

Squee Sunday post #4

For my Squee Sunday post, I decided to squee about the Trenton Thunder/Reading Phills game, all of my animals from camp and the fact that I was interviewed by Charlotte on her blog!! Enjoy the crazy animal pics!!

Look how big my ducks got - here they are before when we were using a trash can lid for their little pond (just to give you an idea of how small they were):

Ducks in water

And now, they are in a storage bin bucket and are quickly outgrowing that too! They've lost a lot of their baby fuzz and are getting feathers!!

Ducks in water

We took our dog over one weekend to see how he would get along with them. They were all very curious. The alpaca was nose to nose with him and it was so cute but I couldn't snap the pic fast enough... here he is with a goat and one of the sheep:

Bandit with goat & sheep

This one's blurry but the goat was trying to head butt him!!

Goat head butting Bandit

Then my parents came to visit. Patches was very friendly and entertaining while he tried to eat my mom's purse!!

Patches with mom & dad

Patches trying to eat mom's purse

To take a break from camp a bit, we went to the Reading Phills and Trenton Thunder game. Shane Victorino was doing his rehab there!! Here he is at bat:

Shane Victorino at bat Reading Phills

And here he is on the board:

Shane Victorino on screen

The Trenton Thunder Mascot was pretty funny running around all over:

Trenton Thunder mascot

Okay, getting back to camp, here are just some funny pics that I had to share. The horses where crazy with the heat and starting really playing and chasing each other. Most of the pics were blurry but these came out pretty good:

Ponies playing

Doesn't it look like they're kissing???

Ponies at play

This one is really funny - Yogi does this weird lip thing when you tickle his nose. Marie tickled long enough for me to get this pic! He just looks so funny to me when he does this!!!

Funny horsey face!

Notice she is wearing the friendship bracelet I made her as part of our Health Pact!!

It was brutally hot on Friday and it really wiped everyone out; including poor Scooter who was just exhausted by it!

Shhhh, sleeping goat!

This last one I actually posted on Friday but it is so cool I thought I'd share it again. Drew was trying to get a face shot of the goat and since every time he bent down to him, the goat stuck his face too close or tried to eat the camera, he decided to go up high and look down on him. It just struck me as a really neat pic.

Drew & Patches!

So, that's it for my Sunday Squee. I hope you enjoyed the interview and the pics!! For more squees, visit Calophi on her blog!


  1. It does look as if the horses are kissing. Adorable!

  2. I just love your animal pictures! I like the kissing horses and the nose-tickling picture the best, but the one with bandit looking up at the larger animals is cute as well. :)