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Monday, August 1, 2011

M is for .... Matt!

Since I dedicated my "J" post to my son Jarett, it seemed only fair to dedicate my "M" post to my son Matthew. So, here we go, my 16 & 1/2 yr old who now has his drivers license!!!

Here he is modeling a donation hat to Israeli soldiers:

Israeli soldier cap2

Israeli soldier cap

Here he is with his brother modeling the Bro Hats from my free pattern page:

Matching hats!

His funny face cracks me up in this one - Jarett had onion breath!!

Matt not wanting Jarett's onion breath near him!

Here he is chillin' in front of the TV with his dinner:

Even Matt's eating healthy!

With his new guitar:

Matt's guitar

With his brother at Jar's time capsule ceremony:

Matt & Jar- time capsule ceremony

One of Matt looking all spiffy for his Sophomore Dance:

Sophomore dance

The "Buff Boys" at the beach:

Muscle boys at ocean city

Boys at ocean city

And a good sport who ended up very well endowed!!! Haha!!

Matt well endowed!

Lastly, pics of Matt holding his new cousin Walter:

Matt & Walter

With Walter

I hope you enjoyed my "M" post! For more ABC week posts, visit Charlotte!!


  1. Cool guitar, and how cute are those last 2 shots :)

  2. Your sons are just so sweet looking. And they sound like really good people, too. I hope that makes sense. So does Matt having a drivers licence make you a little nervous.

    PS: Cousin Walter is a doll!

  3. Very handsome. Those last two pictures are just so cute.

  4. That Matt, he is just too cute! :)

  5. Actually, I'm thrilled he can now drive himself to work and guitar lessons!!! It is a bit weird though!

  6. I kind of felt the same way. It was nice not to have to drive Offspring everywhere.

  7. Another lovely son. You should be proud of them & yourself ( for a job well done!)