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Sunday, August 21, 2011

Squee Sunday post #8

New hairdo!! I got red highlights and more feathers!! I was having a hard time with getting pics so I took this one of the feathers in my bathroom mirror. The color is a little distorted, but you get the idea...

More feathers!

Here is the back which I got my husband to take on the deck - I have no makeup on so you aren't going to get to see the front right now!! They don't look as red in the picture as they do in real life, but they are more of a "cool" red tone, not a copper red.

Back of 'do

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  1. Wow, it looks fantastic! It's sort of how I pictured it when you said your hairstylist wanted to highlight it with red.

    Cameras can be silly when they're overloaded with a color. They always make my reds too bright and fade out my yellows.

  2. That looks awesome. Definitely squee-worthy. The red is fantastic, and I'm so envious of the feathers! I want some of those myself, but with my super-curly hair, the difference in texture between hair and feather would just look silly.

  3. Love the feathers, and the hair colour is fab!