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Friday, August 26, 2011

FO Friday!

Hurray!  Another Friday!!  Long live the weekends, although with Hurricane Irene heading our way, I'd like this one to be over pretty quickly!!

On to my FO.  Remember the corkscrew scarf?  I made matching mitts.  Here is the set (sorry about the blurry pic - my son took it):

Mitts & scarf

If you noticed, I have the trim up on one hand and by the wrist on the other.  I wasn't sure which way looked better so I figured I'd show you both and whomever (hopefully) buys them can decide how they want to wear them.

Back to Miss Hurricane Irene.  She has ruined my weekend.  We were supposed to have a 70th birthday and Retirement party for my mom (Happy birthday, Mommy!) and had to cancel due to this stupid storm.  Yes, I called it stupid.  I'm really mad at it and really have other bad words to call it in my mind...  So, instead of getting ready for a party, we've had to baton down the hatches.  Here is my patio table, sans cushions, tied to the deck rails along with the BBQ.

Baton down the hatches for Irene

So, that is all for my FO's.  Check out Tami's blog for more FO's and tune back in here for Squee Sunday and the announcement of the prize winner on Monday!


  1. I always make todd take a few pics because half my phone pics come out all blurry. :)

    I like the trim both ways. :)

  2. I hope Irene passes by quickly and with little effect.

    Love the blurry mittens. LOL

  3. florencefrazier2002August 26, 2011 at 12:40 PM

    I like the scarf! The mitts are cute too! I hope you don't get hit too hard. Stay safe!

  4. Yay mitts! They look great! Hope the storm isn't too bad!

  5. Hope Irene doesn't mess with you too much. You just might punch her lights out with those "boxing" mitts!! Cute!

  6. Hope you weather the storm okay....and I love the corkcrew scarf and mitts set...I made a corkscrew scarf a couple years ago...

  7. Looking lovely and they match the scarf perfectly!

  8. we are also hunkered down for the hurricane, so i hope you're staying safe. the mitts look great! i think i like the contrast trim worn near the fingers, but either way is cute.

  9. The mitts are really cute! I love the colors that you used. Sorry to hear that the party was cancelled due to Irene. We had to evacuate the island where we live in Maryland but luckily just came back to a few fallen trees and no flooding. Hope you fared well during the storm.

  10. the mitts are lovely! I hope everything turned out okay with Irene!

  11. I like the one with the trim at the fingers better.

    As for Irene ... I'm glad she's gone. Now it's to find out if in her wake we can go to work tomorrow since some of NY's subway lines are flooded.