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Friday, September 9, 2011

FO Friday!

Yay for Fridays!!!  I am exhausted from all these horrible thunder storms waking me up in the middle of the night!  I can't wait to sleep in a bit on the weekend - getting up at 5:30 is killing me!!  Anyway, even with all the tiredness and writing lesson plans, I've managed to have two projects to share.  The first is the cowl, which a few people asked about the yarn - it's not too bad as long as you pay attention to what is on your needle.  If you drop a stitch is a major pain to find it to pick up!! I don't know why the pic is so blurry - it didn't look blurry on my phone...


The next is the head-band.  I'm not sure that I really like the poof on it.  For a little girl it may be cute, but I think I'll try a crochet flower for the next one  I do.


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  1. I kinda like the little puff on the headband, but I know what you mean about it perhaps being more suited for someone a little younger ;)

  2. The cabling on that headband is to die for! And the puff makes it so cute! On the slopes it would be adorable!

  3. Love the cable pattern on your headband and the colour is gorgeous!

  4. Yes to the crochet flowers ....maybe more than one ? :-)