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Monday, September 5, 2011

"R" is for... Return to Real life!

Summer vacation has come to end and now real life sets in...  Not that we had a vacation.  We worked at camp all summer and actually went back to school last week, but with Labor Day now here, the summer vacation time officially ends.  I'm looking forward to this school year.  So far things have had a positive spin.  We have a new principal who really seems to be all for the good of the child and "by the book."  If that is really how things will be, the school year will be a good one.  Also, right now, I have 27 kids on my roll.  Yes, 27!!!  Last year I had 37 - that's right - that was a "3" as in ten more kids than this year!!!  If that stays, I will be in my teaching glory!!  Imagine all the things you can do with 27 that was just way too much with 37.  I can see more groups and be effective in my time with them.  Just think about grading ten less papers - wow, this will be nice!  So, even though I am sad to see my summer break go, I have such a positive and hopeful outlook for this year that I am psyched for it to begin.  

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  1. It's funny how many blogs I read with people going back to school - I miss the whole "new pencilcase" feeling of the start of the school year. Hope you have a great time with your smaller class ;)

  2. 37 kids?!?!?1 That's crazy... Did you have hair at the end of last year? Have a great school year! Ours starts up tomorrow!

  3. How wonderful that you get so much of a buzz from it. Hope it's a great year for you.