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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

WIPW number 18

This week I am working on a baby poncho for a friend.  It's from my free pattern page and I noticed a mistake in my count so it is now fixed!  Here it is:

Baby poncho

I also am doing another head band.  It looks blue but is actually a deep purple:


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  1. The yarn for that poncho looks so soft and snuggly! Love the colours too :)

  2. That poncho looks like it will be so cuddle-some! I love the head band, I know just the colour purple you mean. It will be gorgeous.

  3. it's so hard to get a good picture of purple. My phone's been behaving lately, but it has to be in the sunlight or it refuses. Maybe if you take a picture of it next to something yellow or orange? Sometimes a second color is needed to make the camera change it's auto adjustments.

  4. The baby poncho is looking lovely! such warm colours and it looks so soft!!

    I like your headband so far, and i know what you mean about trying to take photos of things and it not picking up the right colour!!

  5. toni - unconventional usSeptember 14, 2011 at 10:47 AM

    you have great taste in yarns, I keep seeing peoples cables and thinking I should give it a go... maybe a cute cable head band is the way... you inspired me!

  6. Loving that cabled headband. That purple yarn is gorgeous.

  7. Loving the headband too. I'm big fan of chunky cables x