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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

WIPW number 18

I am still making headbands for the craft show.  I have the band to show you and then on Friday you can see the flower I made for it.  I did a different flower pattern and really like this one better for the headbands.  Here is the "band" part"


It finally looks purple in this pic and not blue - yay!  I also decided to make a hat.  It's crochet which is always a bit of a challenge to me since I'm more of a knitter, but I really like the pattern shown here.  Here is the beginning of it:


So that's my share for today.  For more WIP's visit Tami!


  1. The headband is so pretty. I love cables.

  2. Love the purple - it's funny my pictures of blue things tend to look purple, and your purple looked blue - I wish cameras would accurately capture colours!

  3. Lovely yarn for that scarf.

  4. I can't wait to see how the hat turns out. I love the look of a nice back-loop-only pattern so I'm sure it'll be awesome!

  5. You're headband is looking great. I've never had much luck at crochet hats.

  6. Those cables are scrumptious!!!! Good luck with the crochet hat.

  7. Ooooh the cable knit in that wool and colour look stunning and so defined...and it definitely looks purple!

    Good luck with the crochet hat :)

  8. The headband looks so much like the Irish hiking scarf.. I've only knitted a hat till now.. you've made me want to crochet one now. :-)