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Monday, September 19, 2011

T is for... Technology!

Happy Monday everyone!!!  Well, try to be as happy as you can for a Monday...  I am happy as I just found out that I am now a part of the Technology Committee at school/work.  For those of you who know me, it isn't that far fetched - our school is so back in the stone-age that I am one of the most tech-capable people in the building.  Really sad too because we have a lot of young people who just don't seem to want to be up on the latest that technology has to offer.  My vision for our committee is to do some grant writing to get Promethean boards for a few rooms (yes, mine had better be one of them!) and if possible, maybe a few ipads or other kinds of tablets.  I also think we need new laptops as the ones we have just spin and can't even stream videos anymore!  So, if anyone is good a grant writing and can give me a hint as to how to go about it, I'd appreciate it!!

I almost did T is for Tardis since I spent much of this weekend googling to find Dr Who themed centerpieces for Jarett's Bar Mitzvah.  I think I may end up buying action figure toys from Amazon and then figuring out a way to encase them and put them on a pedestal to make them taller.  They're only about 5 inches which is tiny for a centerpiece and I need about 15 different ones as that will determine which table people sit in.  Any thoughts on that too, please feel free to share!!  I'm in the US so that makes buying it a little more difficult as some of the UK sites won't ship here or charge an arm and a leg.  Anyway, that's it for my "T" post.  For more ABC's, visit Charlotte!


  1. So I learned a new technology from your post. I did not know what a Promethean board was. I googled it and watched some demo videos.
    That is so cool. I guess that shows you how behind the tech times I am. Or it could just be that it's been a long, long while sine I have had kids in school.
    I vote for having one in every classroom.

  2. Good luck with bringing your school up to date!

    As for the centrepieces, could you perhaps use pictures on each table (A4 paper, laminated pictures of the different characters), with the smaller figurines attached to whatever you use to hold up the pictures? Might make it easier to see?

  3. Good luck with the technology. Could the kids contribute to the award application? Interesting for them to learn how these things work, but of course, could lead to disappointment. Don't know how long your application needs to be, but I'd suggest start with a gap analysis and see where that takes you. What could you do if you had the technology that you can't do now?

  4. I feel so dumb again - what's a gap analysis??? Basically, I have three dinosaur computers for games for them (First in Math, Study Island,etc). I wanted to do power points, stream videos and things like that.

  5. I have a feeling that is what I may have to do... I did email a balloon company in the UK to see if they had different Dr Who balloons and if they would ship them to me.