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Sunday, September 18, 2011

Squee Sunday post # 11

Welcome to another addition of Calohi's Squee Sunday!!  I have a few Squees, although some aren't quite Squees... you can decide.  First up (and this is sooo a Squee), I just got my nails redone - I wanted a French Manicure but then, being me, decided it was too "plain" looking.  So the woman that does them suggested some "tiger stripes" and again, me being me, went for purple!!!  I think they are so cute!!!!

New nail design

Next, and I'm not sure if this is a Squee or an OMG!!!  Matt, my oldest (16 and a half) went to his first concert last night with friends!!!  Blink 182 in NJ.  He drove to his friends' house, their mom drove and then he drove himself back home.  Now, for him this was a Squee - for me, I was up until literally 2 AM waiting for him to get home safe.  He was very responsible - he texted me here and there (first text was OMG - My Chemical Romance is playing too!)  Then a "too many smokers" text.  At 11 he sent they were leaving but then called at 11:45 to say they were just getting out of the parking lot!  He got home at 2 and said he had fun and that he'd tell me about it in the morning (which it already was but I wasn't going to bust on him).  So, he is still sleeping, I am blogging and have no idea how it was - although I'm sure it was awesome!!!

Last up, and again, not a squee really, I have a ton of papers to finish marking today.  The Squee part is, only two kids got a "C" on their reading test - the rest "A's and B's" so I felt like I taught the story very well.  The test is standardized from the program so it was a variety of inferential as well as concrete questions plus too essays....  so - partly Squee, but now I need to finish marking Social Studies and enter their grades which will take a few hours.  So, happy Sunday to all and don't forget to check out Calophi's Squees and others!


  1. Wow, awesome nails! If I didn't break mine so often I'd go get them done at your place. :)

    My first concert was Oz Fest. My dad came with my friends and I, but he likes that sort of music too so he totally wasn't a downer. :)

  2. Awesome nails!!!

  3. Nails look fab :)

    I bet your son had a great time at his concert (hell, I would like to have seen both those bands myself!)