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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

We'll be having another snow day tomorrow!

They made the announcement at dismissal time - schools are closed tomorrow!! I'm glad I won't have to drive in it but now I'm worrying about the week between the end of school and camp starting... We wanted to be able to go down the shore for that week, but it looks like it may not be happening.

School was a little crazy today. The kids were very rambunctious with the upcoming snow storm. Adding no recess on top of that made for a lot of stress - I really couldn't give them an inch or they would have been out of control! We did get a lot done - PSSA prep for both reading and math and even showed a short Science Video to review Land and Water. Thank you Bryan for the video! I was able to use my prep time to load the Land and Water animation clips onto the computers for them to use. Check out my delicious.com site to see them.

Now that I'm home, I'm getting messages on Ravelry about people being wary to venture out in this weather. I'd rather everyone stay safe. If you're worried about the start time of the storm, please stay home. I don't want anyone to have be stressed out driving just for a couple of hours of knitting. There's always next week!! I plan on using the time to get organized for the Ravolympics which starts on Friday!!! I'm challenging myself by doing a crochet scarf - here's the link to it:


It's very pretty and I'm excited to work on my crochet technique which are quite rusty! I've never really followed a crochet pattern other than one for a simple poncho. Sherry, bless her heart, has agreed to help me through this. I have to get it done in two weeks!!! Wish me luck!

I got Jarett to pose with his new gloves that used to be fingerless gloves - doesn't he look cute?
He is very happy with the way they turned out! ;-D

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