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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Are you kidding me????

Philly schools are closed again tomorrow!! This is crazy! I remember the days when we never closed and we used to joke that the only way Cnnie Clayton would close schools is if it reached her Penthouse window... Now we are closed at the slightest drops... Yes, we did have major snow falls but four out of five days this week closed?? Come on! Even the burbs are opening tomorrow! Well, hopefully I will get a signal in the basement and take Matt's laptop down there and update my Ravelry page. That's the plan - then I have to wait until 9pm to start my Ravolympics project - the crochet scarf!! In the mean time, I am starting a vest that is one of my Plymouth patterns.

Tonight we had Promotion Night at karate. Both teams did an awesome job! Here is my team - the Jr. Demo Team:

I would love to have half their flexibility! They did me proud!!!

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