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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Knitting away!

Last night was Knit Night - we showed off our projects and had some very serious knitting time - not a whole lot of chit chat as we were all busy working away trying to build up our yardage for the Ravolympics... I have about 7 or 8 inches done on the back of my vest... I have to get to twelve. Tonight is the make-up of Promotion Night from last week so we will be there. I'm so tired though - I don't know if I'll knit when we get home or just crash... I had such a hard time getting up today. My hair is in a pony tail because I didn't wash it!! Maybe it's the shock of being back at work all day? Who knows, I'm just beat!!

So, my newest dilemma is what kind of cell phone should I get. I have T-Mobile so I went on line today and looked at some. I'm leaning towards the Motorolla Cliq. It seems like it has everything I want... I'll have to look into it more.... time to get ready for karate!!

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