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Friday, February 26, 2010

Knitting again with the snow!!

I'm not even going to mention the snow again - I'm so tired of it!!! However, one little plug - I submitted Bryan and Jarett's Igloo picture to channel 6 and they posted it: (I hope the link works)


So, I'm getting more knitting done on the vest - it should be done by tomorrow, if not tonight. I got a knitting surprise in the mail!! My kit-of-the-month club (which is really kit of the every six-eight weeks) sent the newest kit - Monkey Dolls!!! How cute are they?? Jarett wants the blue one, of course!

Then I also got the newest book (all this is from Annie's Attic Hook and Needle club) to review and decide if I want to keep:

There's a gorgeous Entrelac sweater that would be perfect for my friend Colleen - she is the Queen of Entrelac and could probably whip this baby out in a few weeks!!

Next, is a pretty lace tunic top:

I am in love with the Cowl and Hat and Mitts:

How cute are they? I think this book is a keeper!!

Then, to my utter enjoyment, my roving came from Rose!! Check out her website - it's awesome. She runs an Alpaca Farm in NJ and will soon be opening a "brick and mortar" store. Until then, it's online:


I got the colorway Baltic:

Isn't it pretty? I can't wait to see how it spins up!

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