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Sunday, February 21, 2010

Busy Sunday

Jarett spent his morning preparing for the Purim Carnival - his booth is "Splash Haman." He'll get soaked and love it!! The carnival is next Sunday - he'll have a ball! While he was there I took Matt to get his hair cut - it's much shorter. Still long, but shorter than it was. He looks good - such a cutie pie!

When we got home from Hebrew School, we ran Matt over to Parkwood for his Team Action practice. Usually it's in Conchehocken. I don't know why it got changed last minute, but we were thrilled - much easier to get to!! Then we went to lunch (or they did and I had a water and some gluten free crackers I brought) and came home. Bryan and Jarett worked some more on their Igloo - but - the warmer temps brought a sad end.... it caved in... they're going to try to fix it if it gets colder and we get more snow...

Then off to Demo practice! We invited two girls to join us - they're sisters. They did fabulous so I sent them an e-mail to officially offer them a position on the team. The home and dinner. Bryan and Matt had already eaten so Jarett and I had eggs and cheesy garlic mashed potatoes. They came out pretty good! Now we're watching the olympics and I am going to knit some more of the vest for Ravolympics!!

Bandit isn't thrilled....

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