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Friday, February 19, 2010

It's Friday!!

The weekend is here and where am I off to? Karate - where else??!! Open mat night and the other coach decided we should teach the kids a new part on Sunday so now we need to go work on it. Just enough time to blog about it and grab a quick bite.

I got a new student today from Haiti! She was very cute and very sweet. She was crying walking in but fortunately we new she was coming so I had the kids make her welcome cards. Her face lit up when she saw them and she gave a big grin. She had her first experience with a computer - how unbelievable is that?! The kids were so kind to her - I was very proud of them and no one asked about the earthquake - thank goodness! We'll see if they are the same on Monday!

I got my medal from the Ravolympics - isn't it great?

Bonus that it's a Boston Terrier!! Maybe I should make Bandit a hat...

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