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Sunday, February 7, 2010

The pressure of the first blog post!

What do I write about?? The snow we just got and the fact that Philly schools are closed tomorrow? No, that will just annoy me to think of how we will have to make up the day in June... I'll focus on the positive! I can do laundry and get lots of knitting done! Maybe this will be a good time to sort through my patterns and figure out which Plymouth patterns go with what yarn. To say my stash of Plymouth is overflowing is an understatement! I'll have to post pics of that. I was so sad to lose that connection... *sigh*

I spent the morning turning Jarett's fingerless gloves into full gloves. They're done. They look cute. Now I have to get him to pose for a picture of them.

So, blogger wouldn't take the name of just witchyknits. I was going crazy trying to think of something that I would remember and would be cute too. Then I came up with witchyknits4u. Cute, huh?! But then Bryan (he is so smart!) said wait - do EWE!!! Isn't that brilliant? So here I am - Witchyknits4ewe. Blogging. Watching the Super Bowl commercials and... blogging!

The pressure of the first post is done. It's here.

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  1. Welcome to the crazy world of blogging. Great first post. Pictures even. Ta Da.