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Friday, February 12, 2010

Ravolympics Day!!!

Ravolympics begins! Of course, at 9pm when I should have been starting, I was getting out of the movies... We took Jarett to see Percy Jackson and the Lightening Thief. It was good - I have ordered the book set from Scholastics and can't wait to read them all. Jarett's teacher read book one to them so he's been dying to see the movie. So, the three of us had our own Valentine's date - Outback for dinner and a movie! Matt's sleeping over at Mike's and they're going to the movies with their gals tomorrow.

Since I had to change my hair appointment due to the snow changing Promotion Night to next Wednesday, I took advantage of being off today and got my color done. It's copperier. Can you tell in the pic? I took it myself so I'm a little distorted, I think. I hate pics of me anyway, but here's my hair:

After we got home, I sat my butt down and started to chain 383 stitches for the scarf I'm doing. Here's the yarn:

It's actually the yarn I had left from my Clapotis. Very pretty and it has wool in it so it should block nicely. The yarn I was going to use was acrylic and Sherry didn't think it would take to the scarf well. It's thinner and won't really block so I think she'll like this choice better. She'll see it on Tuesday and let me know. Here's my beginning:

And a close up of my double crochet:

Not too badly done!!! I'll see how much more I can do and then I'm off to bed - it's way past my shluffy time!!!

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