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Monday, February 15, 2010

Taa Daa!!! Finished!!

I finished my scarf!! How awesome is that?! Two days!! Of course, it took the entire two days but who's counting hours?! Here it is unblocked:

Now it's blocking with the stupid Diana Shawl that should have been blocked months ago... that was a pain in the butt and I'll never make another. So, oooh and aaah over this one cause it's the one and only that I'll ever do of that pattern!!

Here's a closer look at Diana - it's pretty, but trust me, that pattern was ridiculous to follow. It took Colleen and me together to figure it out and it literally took us months and who knows how many time ripping (I know I frogged at least eight times) to get it figured out!

Now I'm working on my Athena Vest with my Plymouth Athena Yarn. Here is what I've done so far - looks good, right?!

Since there was no school today, Matt was working at karate camp so he was a happy camper, raking in the bucks!! I had some quiet time to knit - while I was working on the vest, Jarett and Bryan had fun with the keyboard. How cute are they?! Gotta love father-son bonding time!

Then, at about 4:00, my refrigerator came!!! It is so much bigger than the other one! We put the other one in the garage so now I'll have an extra fridge for when I make Passover and Rosh Hashana dinners!! Woo Hoo!! Here's my new fridge - all bright and shiny and it matches my microwave!

The packing tape is still on!! Now of course, it's all undone and my food is back inside - that was the good thing about this snow - I put all my food in a cooler and set it on the deck! No problems at all. Let the fridge get to temp and everything is put away. Now it's time for more knitting on the vest!!

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