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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Tuesday Knitting

So we ended the Ravolympics as the losers to the Beaufort group. :-( Now we have to pay up - that'll be our job tonight, organize a basket to send them. We're thinking Tasty Cakes since they don't have them there, and yarn of course! We still did well - over 11,000 yards knitted in two weeks!!! Next year we may do a charity competition. We'll see...

In the meantime, I started on my next Plymouth stash buster project - it's a long sweater jacket. It's supposed to be in Flauto and Fiocco, but somehow I don't have Fiocco... Not sure why not... So, I'm substituting Fusion instead. I'm doing a loop stitch to make it fluffy like the Fiocco looks. I think it's looking cute so far:

Now it's off to knit some more and get ready for my group!! Bandit isn't in the mood to help...

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