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Friday, March 5, 2010

It's Fah - rrriiiii - day!!!

My report cards are done! Yay!! Four days early - yeah, I know, I'm good!! So now I get to knit all weekend! Phew! I haven't knit since Tuesday night - I'm having withdrawal!! I finished the "floopy" part of the back of the sweater jacket and am on the main yarn now. It's coming out pretty.

Jarett is on the last book of the Percy Jackson series that I bought him. Now there is a new one out so he wants to go to Barnes and Noble and get it. That, and a reading light!! Did you ever think I'd be saying "stop reading and go to bed?!" I love it!! I wish Matt loved reading... Unfortunately that gene skipped him...

Good news, I am off my blood pressure medicine for a week now and I feel fine. I need to cut back on the homemade nachos - I think I gained five pounds!!! I'm not sure what to do about the Super Greens I bought. They were very expensive and they do not dissolve into the water. I don't know what to do. I'll guess I'll try to call the company, but it's messy to drink it - it's just powder sitting in the water and not mixing...

Time to get ready for open mat night!! Until later...

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