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Saturday, March 20, 2010

Jarett's exciting pre-day birthday

Tomorrow is Jarett's 11th birthday!!! What did we do? We bought him a cell phone!! He's so excited!! Of course, Bryan and I upgraded ours too. We got a great deal on a buy one get one Smart Phone. We got the Motorolla Cliq. Two words - LOVE IT!

It took a little bit to figure out - especially since I'm not that computer savvy and kept opening things when I was trying to scroll.... but I've got it down and even figured out how to get it to vibrate and ring when I get a text - which is what I wanted because I was getting texts and didn't have the slightest idea that I was getting them.

We got skins for them too. Mine is purple. I don't know why, but blogger isn't let me upload pics tonight.... I'll have to try later... anyway, I love my phone and Jarett is a happy new phone owner!!

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