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Sunday, March 28, 2010

Spinning and Dyeing and fun, oh my!

So Laura came over on Saturday and we had our spinning and dyeing class!! It was a lot of fun! Of course, I learned that I don't have the patience for dyeing and will probably stick with buying fleece that's already dyed.

Laura made cute little drop spindle kits for everyone, see:

I did pot dyeing using a very pretty garnet color. It came out lighter than it probably should, but after almost two hours I was done and didn't feel like waiting for it. It's still pretty though:

The rest of the time, I did rainbow dyeing by hand and then microwaved it. We learned that I have a very strong microwave since it actually melted the first batch!! Once we figured it out, we were good to go!!

Love the pinks and purples!!!
Now I have to spin it up... how long do you think it'll take me to do that???

I'm on the second sleeve of the sweater jacket - woo hoo!!!