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Monday, October 24, 2011

Y is for.... yarn overs!

Wow - only one more post after this and we've completed the ABC meme!!  Hard to believe...  anyway, I decided to talk about yarn overs for my letter "Y" post.  I love lace knitting, and the basis of making all those little holes is usually through a yarn over.  Here is a sample of a very basic K2tog, YO pattern:

Yarn over scarf

You can also do more intricate patterns with yarn overs too such as these mitts and scarf pattern:

Glove and scarf

Here are some more samples of the lace patterns you can do with yarn overs:



yo ho ho scarf

I hope you enjoyed my "Y" post!  See you next week for the final letter!


  1. It's amazing that a simple stitch such as the yarn over can produce such intricate and beautiful lace patterns.

  2. I was happy when I stopped inadvertently making yarn overs when I first started knitting ;)

  3. Such lovely things. What a lovely post.

  4. Love the scarf and mitts : )