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Monday, October 3, 2011

"V" is for ... Vocabulary!!!

Lately, my husband and I are addicted to Word Feud.  It's a free app on our cell phones where we basically play each other in scrabble.  A lot of people are doing the Words with Friends but since we have smart phones and not droids, we can't do that one...  It is fun to see who can make the points, and we are very competitive with it too!   What we have no idea of, is what exactly some of the words that we've discovered on there are.  Mind you, we've found them by accident by putting in combinations and then low and behold, they work!  So, what ever is a "qi" and what does "leavier" mean???  Who cares, as long as I can land on a triple word score!!!!

For more ABC's, visit Charlotte!


  1. I believe qi (and ki) are shortened versions of chi... Because a 3 letter word needs a shortened version ;)

    As you may have noticed, I love words, yet I am utterly rubbish at these word games, scrabble, anagrams... I don't know why but my brain doesn't process words that way

  2. I loves words but for the life of me am having more and more trouble remembering them!

  3. But, droids ARE smartphones. And so are iPhones. Did you mean you have windows phones?

  4. I love words and find it sad that people I work with even up into their twenties, with good schooling seem to have missed out on the richness of the language. Maybe things like these phone apps will help.