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Monday, October 17, 2011

X is for.... ????

My first thought was "oh my gosh - what real words begin with the letter 'x'????"  Then I though of all the silly things I could do such as x-amine, or x-tremely or x-cellent.... hahaha....  so, I decided to see what some other bloggers who are participating in this meme did, and I saw that some skipped X altogether and went directly to "Y."  See pinkundine's blog for a VERY cute letter Y post!!   I guess I'll just be behind a week in finishing this meme since I didn't really think about a Y post and I have a ton of school work to get going on...  So, it has been x-citing to tell you all this even though there was no x-act information for you to have.  I'll just x-it on out!!!  Visit Charlotte for more ABC's!


  1. X was definitely a tough one. I like yours. Especially 'x-it'.

  2. Skipping X wasn't actually deliberate - I just completely forgot about it, probably due to lack of inspiration ;) I was quite excited by my Y post idea, so I'm glad you liked it!