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Sunday, October 23, 2011

Squee Sunday post # 15

My Squee for today (aside from the fact that I'm off from Sunday School today and hope to spend the whole day in my jammies!!!!) is to share my visit with brother and his family.  As I had said, I haven't seen them in about three years.  I hadn't met my newest two nieces either!  They came in to the east coast to visit a friend and stay for Sukkot.  It was only about two hours away so we drove down last Sunday and spent the day with them.   This visit was long overdue and it amazing to see them, even if only for a few hours.  The older kids seemed to pick right up as though they had just seen each other last week (although with video chatting they kinda had!).  Matt had some intense card playing going on with Chaya and Yossi!

Chaya & Matt cards

Matt & Yossi cards

Jarett even joined in the action too!

Chaya & Jarett cards

I made the girls headbands.  Here are a couple of pics of my new nieces, Necha (with my mom) and Menucha, wearing them. 

Mom & Necha


And being held by Jarett!

Jar & Menucha

I was able to get some candids of the rest of them too!  Here are Michoel, Chaya, and Jarett & Yossi :


Notice Chaya's headband too - it's on the table next to her:

Jarett & Yossi

We tried to get a family portrait of all the kids but it was really hard to get the younger ones to stay still.  So, we did the best we could.  Here are a few of the kids, the kids along with my brother and Eta and the kids with my parents:

Notice someone missing?  Michoel just wasn't in the "take my picture" mood anymore!
The kids

Henoch (my brother) tried to hold him but he only wanted Mommy!
The Duboff & Hoelzle family

He did a little better with my dad but still wouldn't look at the camera.
Duboff family

The oldest cousins, Matt & Chaya (five year age difference) - they look the most alike and could pass for brother and sister!!

Matt & Chaya

We had a really nice visit and it was so super sweet of Eta's friend to open her house to us.  We even found a kosher Chinese restaurant that made me a gluten free lunch!!!  For my squees, visit Calophi on her blog.  Enjoy the rest of your weekends!!!


  1. I love family so it's wonderful to see yours and see the enjoyment you had with each other. Definitely squee worthy. :D

  2. It looks like everyone had a great time! Enjoy your pajama day.