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Monday, October 10, 2011

"W" is for... walking!

Walking.  It's such a simple thing but we never do a whole lot of it.  We're always rushing off here and there.  Get in the car and go.  Yesterday, my husband and I took a break from all the craziness and decided to go for a walk.  It was good for our muscles, good for our hearts and good for our heads.  Sometimes, in a world of computers and fiber arts, we end up sitting way too much.  We forget that our bodies need to move.  I know at least I do.  Walking, a simple movement that is good for you.  Now if I can only remember to do more of it...

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  1. I'm terrible at getting off the sofa and moving around - knitting, watching tv, working... you're right, it's a lot of sitting down!

  2. I got rid of my car a little over a year ago, not so much to be green but because it was a 1990 and needed major overhauls... too much $$$ to make it worth keeping. I walk so much more now, I grocery shop more often and can't always get to the cheaper chain, but I have lost 25 pounds, don't need my asthma meds and will be dumping the high blood pressure pills next month.... I hope. Things take longer to get accomplished, that is for sure, but it has also forced me to simplify. I don't go to Target to "shop for entertainment or stress relief", I couldn't quote you on the price of gas and I don't waste time circling my block looking for a parking space. When I need wheels, I use Zipcar. Mostly, I travel by T and I love feeling like a bonafide city girl!
    As for the comment you left on my Squee Sunday post... that park is in Charlestown, it is adjacent to Todd English's restaurant, Olive's. (Which should be reopening soon, they had a fire there quite some time ago and it has been closed since then).
    The reason I love the spot so much is that it is bordered by roadways and tourist traffic, but it is a tranquil place to sit and reflect on your way home from work or shopping intown.

  3. Watch out, walking can be addictive. Especially walking outdoors.
    I feel so much better afterwards. It's what keeps me motivated to continue. And taking a walk with someone allows for some quality conversation, just leave the phones home!

  4. I've just started walking all the hills around my home. Gives me a huge buzz. Well done you for making such a huge change in your lifestyle.