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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Finished Object Friday

Welcome to my first addition of FO Friday! Thank you to Tami for inspiring me to join you! As you know, I've been making matching scarves for my nieces. They were a quick and easy project made of bulky yarn in a pretty pink/purple combination. I used Plymouth Massimo seen here and size US 17 needles:

Yarn for Chaya's scarf

This is a close up of the larger scarf:

Close up of scarf

Here are the two scarves together:

Chaya & Necha's scarves

The pattern was very easy - cast on an odd number of stitches, K1,* YO, K2tog*, repeat from * to * until the end of the row. Repeat for every row. Bind off at desired length and add fringe.


  1. I bet your nieces will love them, they're so fluffy looking ;)

  2. Beautiful! I bet your nieces will be thrilled.

  3. I love those scarves - they look really soft and scrumptious. I love the long fringes! Gorgeous!!!

  4. That pattern was a perfect choice for such fun yarn. Nice!

  5. Fabulous scarves, the tassels especially look absolutely amazing.

  6. I bet they will love their matching scarves. Welcome to FO Friday!