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Monday, May 16, 2011

B is for BLUE!

For lack of any kind of originality, I made my ABC week post (joining in Charlotte's blog idea) about all of the items that I knit or crocheted in the color blue. So, enjoy the photo stream here:

First up is Bryan's blue cabled sweater in the pattern Cable Dude here:

Blue sweater

Next is a cowl that my son "made" for me when I taught him to knit and was actually supposed to be a scarf. But, as we all know, his little hands tuckered out and boredom set in and after a few inches, he was done. So, what do all of us creative mom's do? We come to the rescue and make it into something else! Whala, the cowl is born!

Blue cowl by Jar

Next is a cowl that I actually did make on my own! Unfortunately, I did not record what pattern I used and it's not in my project pages (yes, I am hanging my head in shame) but it is pretty and it's blue!

Blue cowl

Next up is my first hairpin lace item. This is a fun technique to do!! If you've never tried it, I do recommend doing it at least once. This is a scarf that I did with two strips of the hairpin lace:

Blue scarf

This next scarf is one I am very proud of as it is my own pattern which you can find here on the free pattern page!

Scarf beaded

On to mitts, here is my Sourwood. Very pretty in blue:

Blue,fingerless mitts

Then there are these mitts that I again made and are on the free pattern page here:

Ribbed wrist warmers

There are lots more, but since I am work and running out of time, I thought I'd end here with a test leg warmer pattern I did for someone:

Blue-leg warmers

And that concludes this week's ABC post!


  1. Lol! Actually, no. I just couldn't think of anything original for the letter "B."

  2. I love those mitts, very cool :D

  3. That lace is very interesting. I might have to do some more investigating on that technique.

  4. Blue is a brilliant 'B'. Didn't think of it and if I had, couldn't possibly present such a wonderful selection of FOs in blue. Love that hairpin lace.

  5. Love the pattern on those legwarmers :)

  6. Hehe, I love the legwarmers. Did they get worn?

  7. Lol - I have not worn the legwarmers out of the house yet!!

  8. I would like to make a hairpin lace scarf one day. Thank you for the nice pictures

  9. I would like to make a hairpin lace scarf one day. Thank you for the nice pictures

  10. I love those mitts, very cool :D