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Friday, January 30, 2015

New Instagram Photo: January 30, 2015 at 07:36AM

Ok, finally getting to this!! Tagged by the beautiful @siobhanmaddison 1. I don't like poultry. No turkey. I'll eat chicken only if it's well disguised! 2. Sky Diving- I don't like hights!! 3. It's a tie between how thin I am or how white I am. 4. Anything by Michael Jackson. ***gasps*** I'm sorry, just being honest! 5. Not washing with soap after using the bathroom. Water by itself doesn't take away germs!!! 6. MaryAnne - No offense to anyone. It was my husband's serious girlfriend before we met. Yes, we're married 21 years and I still feel jealous. That's me, get over it cause I clearly can't! 7. I think I'm going to go with the good old hashtag #butyoudontlooksick Love being told how great I look by all my visitors. I know they're trying to make me feel better. Only another spoonie can truly understand this. 8. Chicken!! Grosses me out!! 9. Spiders, hands down! 10. Face lift. Every time I see pics of Mary Tyler Moore or other celebrities and see their mouths stretched across their whole face I get freaked out! I tag @reevebetweenthelines @poppybead @sisterawake777 @keepshiningkeepsmiling and @mgrutza17 Hope you'll play with us!! 💖💖

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