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Thursday, January 15, 2015

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Fibromyalgia Awareness #fibromyalgiahopeforacure #fibrofighters #fibromyalgiaawareness #fibrowarrior #fibromyalgia #fibrofatigue #fibrosucks #chronicillness #chronicpain #pots #potsie #butyoudontlooksick Yesterday I was really depressed. As the day goes on, it gets harder for me to do things and I get frustrated. I had a bad time with two of my drs. The one for the fibro asked why I'm taking Percocet when she's given my steroids. I told her the steroids weren't helping and I'm in pain. She said she won't treat me if I need narcotics. I asked what I'm supposed to do then and she said go to a pain management dr. I asked if she knew one and she said yes. I said please refer me then and she said fine and walked out. Then the neurologist came around three, my parents were here, and she said the EMG results weren't in but she thinks they'll be normal and wants to start paper work for rehabilitation and walked out. We were flipping out. I still can't walk or use my left leg. Thankfully, around dinner time, another dr comes in. He turns out to be a pots specialist and talks to me about hydrating more and how many times I should urinate during the day. I explained that I'm a teacher and don't have that kind of bathroom access. He said he'll write a note for my school. When the regular cardiologist came, he said he had wanted a second opinion to make sure I had POTS and this other dr went over my records and agreed. Then he said I'm not going anywhere until the tachycardia is stable and don't worry about the neurologist. I'm really having a rough time with being in pain and frustration over no one figuring out why I can't walk.

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