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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Keeping Tidy

I am participating in a blog week which I am two days late for, but feel it's better late than never! Today's topic is about keeping yourself organized. There are so many amazing cases for needles. I have quite a few of them too! However, I am lazy. It's a pain to dig them out, unwrap or unzip them, choose your needles and then... OMG - put them back in the case?! Never happens. So, I decided to make my needles into a form of art display for my house. On my end table, I have my needles neatly display in a vase. In front of the vase is a cool acrylic holder for my Knit Picks Interchangables. See how pretty: Needles In addition to the mini DPN's that are in a vase behind them, I have a neat container that hold my other DPN's which I just rubber banded together to keep the sets together. DPN's In the background, you can see another organization tool I use, which is pen/pencil and paper to mark off my rows as I do my knitting... I didn't mean for that to be on here, but since it's in the background, I thought I'd mention it. My last "trick" is that I have many cabinets (you can get them at any home goods store) to store my yarn. This is just one example: Yarn organizing And that, is my contribution for today's Blog Week post. Enjoy!


  1. i love the needles in the vase! i wish I could do that with mine but my kids would be stabbing each other with them or something. I'm hoping to have my yarn that organized someday!

  2. What beautiful needles you have.

  3. Kim: Yes, my kids are older so no needle playing, lol! Good luck organizing!

    Kepanie: Thanks so much!!