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Monday, March 21, 2011

Happy Birthday Jarett!!!

I cannot believe my baby is 12!!! It seems like yesterday he was a tiny baby that I held in my arms. He is so proud to be 12 - here he is this morning:

Jar's 12!

Yesterday was Purim and we worked the carnival at Hebrew School. Jarett dressed up as Mordechai, the cousin of Queen Esther who was a savior to the Jewish people from Haman, who wanted the Jews to be killed. I sold tickets at the door and Jarett ran a booth called "Find the Tzadakh." Tzadakah is the Hebrew word for charity and basically is money. He had bowls of rice with money hidden and the kids got tickets that they could trade in for prizes if they found the tzadakah money. Here he is dressed up and working his booth:

2011 Purim carnival

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